Maui 2011
Maui 2012
Maui 2013
Tahiti 2013

Maui 2014
Tahiti 2014
Yellowstone 2014
Lisbon-to-Miami 2014

Maui May/2015
Fredericksburg 2015
Maui September/2015
Istanbul-to-Dubai 2015

Miami-to-San Diego Apr/2016
Maui May/2016
Athens-to-Athens Sept/2016
Dubai-to-Singapore Dec/2016

Regional at Sea May/2017
Yosemite National Park Oct/2017
Radiant Amazon Nov/2017

Auckland-to-Perth Feb/2018

Tahiti-to-Sydney Jan/2019
Amsterdam-to-NYC Aug/2019
L.A.-to-L.A. Dec/2019

Sydney-to-Singapore Mar/2020 All Rights Reserved

Destination Walk - Feb/2014

Hernandez Hideaway - May/2014



Ironic Times
"Expect the Ironic"

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This Modern World
By Tom Tomorrow

Hidden Brain
NPR - Shankar Vedantam.

Rich Hall's documentaries:    California    Texas

Cooper Family Photos
By Don Cooper

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